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Guess who just logged into this account for the first time in over a year???

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the way the last episodes should have gone:

  • wait 30-60 min to save Mike.
  • CIA get James.
  • Sonya gets away.
  • they get back Mike.
  • after Mike is ‘saved’ they think then go find the satellite guy.
  • they go to the place.
  • they get the files.
  • they give the files to the CIA.
  • CIA does its thing.
  • Everyone lives happily ever after and not dead.
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massawar said: In regards to Charlie, the entire final season was a little sloppy and lazy when it came to details. Sam and Jessie definitely had time to get together after the building blew up, so im guessing that's where they planned something out. Better yet, im sure that Mike and Fi got out of the water and got together with them and that's when they decided they were gonna fake their deaths. I guess the CIA just forgot about Charlie, cuz u cant fake a body in the wreckage of a house.


THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS INTO WORDS FOR ME. That’s what me and my friend were thinking when we talked about it earlier today but we didn’t really know how to explain it to our other friend who only watched the finale without watching the whole season.

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Waiting for people in different countries than me to receive postcards is the most stress inducing thing as I am forever worrying that they got lost or something.

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